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Multivitamin Drink Powder With Caffeine - Energy Drink

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Drink for high-performace days


The secret of successful and balanced people…

In a world of endless to-do lists and busy calendars, it is vital that we keep our minds and body fresh, active, and ready to face the new challenges day by day!

Many people choose different energy drinks for this, not counting the potential side effects and the artificial ingredients they contain, which are a huge burden on their body.

Spirit of Pandora Energy Drinks are designed to naturally support those who need a little extra freshness for increased mental activity.




Is there really a healthy energy drink?

Let's see how the Spirit of Pandora energy drink differs from traditional energy drinks! 

  • Contains no taurine, added caffeine and added sugar.
  • Contains no artificial colourings and preservatives.
  • Its stimulating effect is due to the natural caffeine content of the herbs.
  • The energy is transferred gradually thanks to the guarana extract so it does not burden our body unnecessarily and its effect lasts longer.
  • In terms of its caffeine content, it's like drinking an espresso (80 mg/drink).

Our black (caffeine-containing) sachets are only recommended for adults. Because of its natural caffeine content from guarana, it is called energy drink powder (80 mg per drink, roughly equivalent to a presso coffee). But this is NOT a CLASSIC ENERGY DRINK full of taurine, synthetic caffeine and added sugar. Our sachet contains only natural caffeine obtained from herb. This results in a slower degradation and a longer duration of effect... While classic energy drinks have a 1-1.5 hour effect, with a significant burden on our body, in our case it can be 2-3 hours depending on our metabolism with minimal burden on our body... BECAUSE IT COUNTS...


Find Your Favorite Taste And Get The Rhythm!