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Decaffeinated Multivitamin Drink Powder

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Drink for stress-free days


With the power of nature for a balanced weekdays!

Who doesn't want to live healthy, take powerfully everyday obstacles and have fun in their skin?

Nowadays some dietary supplement is essential, because we cannot cover the amount of vitamins we need from the consumed vegetables and fruits ...

However, it does not matter what vitamin preparation we choose. Many people are reluctant to start their day with a handful of vitamin pills or, after initial enthusiasm, forget to take them in the morning rush ...

Spirit of Pandora vitamin drinks are a favourite of many families because they are easy to consume anytime, anywhere thanks to the powder format.

When making vitamin drinks, it was an important consideration to use only natural, high quality ingredients and, with outstanding, proven effectiveness, their taste to be overwhelming.


Moms with children, please pay attention!

As a mother, there is nothing more important than the health of your child and no greater happiness than seeing yourself play and radiate happiness. But we also know how often it is difficult to smuggle vitamins into theirs diet. But with delicious, fruity drinks, vitamin intake will be a child's play! Give it a try! Above all, for the calming content of lemongrass, adults are advised to consume it too, thus ensuring a quiet time of the day and a restful sleep.



Choose from three super fruity flavours and enjoy natural vitality!